FOXPOL, a trading and service company, was established in 1991, although it started to export fox fur skins in 1989.

The core business of the Company is to sell and purchase fur skins, including fox, raccoon dog and mink fur pelts ( imports – exports ), as well as to sell fur skins and fur lining of various species of fur-bearing animals across the country.

Within the first ten years of its activity, FOXPOL was the exclusive Agent of the International Fur Trade Auction in Leipzig, Germany. We exported most of fox fur skins produced in Poland, which were then sold at various auctions.

Between 2005-2013, we also represented Rosenberg & Lenhart – one of the leading fur companies in Germany, manufacturing luxurious fur clothing. We have worked for many different fur shops and luxurious boutiques across the country. At the same time, over  the years, we have established lasting cooperation with manufacturers of fox, raccoon dog and mink fur skins, which we sell abroad as raw materials. We are also developing our domestic sales of these skins, cooperating with many furrier, fur and textile companies.

On request, we also organize wholesale purchases of fur skins at auctions in Copenhagen and Helsinki.

We work for Furrier’s Shops, Fur Companies, Fur Farms, Textile Companies and retailers.