Fur skins

  1. Natural skins – rawhide :
  • fox skins
  • silver fox
  • blue fox
  • shadow (white) fox
  • red ( wild ) fox
  • raccoon dog skins – Polish and Finnish
  • mink skins – variety of natural colors.

This offer has been developed for both Polish and foreign wholesalers.

We also organize purchases of fur skins on request. Our products, their quality and sizes, are consistent with international standards. We provide shipment for export sales.

  1. Tanned skins –

For Polish manufacturers of clothing and fur products, we offer tanned skins, both natural and dyed, according to the latest fashion trends, ready to be further processed.

The most popular kinds of fur skins are fox, raccoon dog , coyote, coon and rabbit skins.

For more demanding Customers, we import mink, sable, seal, chinchilla and karakul skins